Not Just Eggs…Rust & Bling is Our Thing!

Country Bling Farms ,LLC

Not Just Eggs….Rust & Bling is Our Thing! 

*** Family Owned and Operated Farm and Rustic Farmhouse Decor Business***

Our Primary Service Objective:

We “Egg”spect Quality and So Should you….

Our Primary Service Objective: Here at Country Bling Farms we want to provide you, our valued customer, awesome products with amazing service. All of our handmade items are made with love and the highest quality workmanship. Fresh, local, organic eggs from our cage free, happy, healthy, very spoiled chickens. As well compost (tea) for your houseplants and garden. This allows you to grow a bountiful garden and beautiful plants and flowers. This with provides you with healthier better tasting foods without all the pesticides.

Our “EGG”spectation is that you leave Country Bling Farms feeling more than just satisfied. We want to know that you not only receive quality products but “EGG”ceptional service from the moment we come in contact. And always with a smile on our face and an award winning attitude!

The majority of our business is returning customers, people referring friends and word-of –mouth. We “EGG”spect to be on top of our game at all times ~ nothing “FOWL” about our business but the chickens!